My Daily Inspiration

sandie getting chemo in 2013

Early on in my cancer journey I decided to share my story, publicly. I realized that I was discovering new things and qualities about myself that I never knew I had. You see, I was never an athlete but I always felt I was a strong person… on the inside. What I was going through took an enormous amount of strength and I needed to use every bit of it to fight for my life. I learned that when I was at my weakest I actually was my bravest. It’s mental strength that got me through some of the most difficult days.

I always say that from the beginning I needed to surround myself with LOTS of positive items- clothes, decor, mugs, etc and when I couldn’t find what I needed, I made it myself- hence the birth of Sandie Rossini Designs. What was most important with my “business venture” was that it was a mission. So I decided that I would donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer research and spread the importance of positive thinking. I believed and will always believe that positivity is a life saving PART of any treatment of any disease.

I soon realized I should put my positive statements onto small cards in a box that you could pull from everyday. I needed that myself and maybe someone else could benefit from them too. So, I got to work- except it wasn’t work…it was just my thoughts (and some quotes I liked) to remind myself and others to stay positive and strong. That “the storm won’t last forever”. That “on our darkest days we shine the brightest” and sometimes just an “Everything Will be Ok” makes us feel a little better.

I quickly found out that the cards were important to others as well. Not only did they help people get through tough days they made great gifts for people who really just didn’t know what to get. It’s difficult to find a gift for someone who’s going through something like a serious illness- physical or mental. The cards seem to fit.

The inspiration cards helped me and continue to help me. They remind me of what’s important and sometimes just to stop and take a deep breath. I’ve been battling cancer now for just about 9 years with ups and downs but I’m nowhere near done. I have fallen but I get back up and I can only hope that my story encourages others to do the same. We’re all in this together, no matter what you’re going through. Don’t ever give up.

Thanks for reading.

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