The “Now What”



Life goes on- so they say. I watch the world go by. Friends buy houses, have babies and those babies grow up and my own babies have now turned into beautiful teenagers…yes, life goes on, so now what? Yes, I still have brain cancer and yes, I still have to go to the hospital to get treatment and yes, I’m still doing ok. Yes, I still have mostly good days- with a few bad ones here and there. So now what? I’m positive and optimistic and happy with my life. I live each day with everything I have. I say what I need to say, I dance like no one’s watching and like “everyone” is too. I spread positivity to everyone I meet and accept it back to everyone who offers it. I am a student of the world, of the people- constantly learning from everyone I meet. I have met some truly remarkable people throughout my journey, and I cherish every single one of them. I embrace my family like never before. A loss hurts more but the crying is a needed deep release. Each experience feels like the first time, music sounds so much better now, food tastes like paradise and hugs are like clouds and rainbows. So, yes…I guess that’s more than enough, for now.

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