THErebuild-SRwords and image of the barn at central by sandie rossini

Every once and awhile you need to take a step back and look at the important things in your life and perhaps do some repair- for example your career, relationships, even your wardrobe, or perhaps to your home. Whether you choose to view those items as significant is up to you. In my opinion- they’re all quite significant. Changing your career is difficult or it can be exciting, scary but exactly what you need to finally be happy. Choosing to rebuild a relationship with someone is huge and a challenge, if you’re willing to go through with it. Your wardrobe- that’s your style and it speaks to who you are as an individual. Then lastly- your home, well I hear that can be extremely stressful. Wait- I just did this! Let me tell you a little story…

One day, a very long long time ago…or sometime last year, we decided to put an addition onto our home. Our house was small for 2 adults, 2 growing teenage girls and 3 dogs. The bedrooms were very small, and we only had 1 full bathroom with very small closets and no storage space- we needed storage space. I was renting storage for my business and my office was in the middle of our family room. I won’t continue to bore you with the details but trust me-we needed MORE SPACE. So off we went- to the bank then permits, contractors, quotes….you’re hired! Great. We’re only doing adding to one part of the house- so we’ll just stay here- we said, no problem…?

First step to our rebuild- you gotta tear it down to build it back up. It went down fast and then it went up fast too, kinda. Great! It was summer time and all the workers were at the house bright and early and I was impressed. They were framing, building, we got a new roof, new siding on the house, more new windows, a new garage, new bathrooms, new toilets- we were picking everything out, then putting things back (we were trying to save money)…meanwhile we were all living in one room in the house. All of us, including the dogs and all of our stuff- and we had a lot of stuff. Summer turned to fall and eventually to winter and things got cold- did I mention we had no heat? That’s OK, we have blankets and each other, I felt blessed.

Now a lot of people were asking me- how are doing you this? How can you stand living in the middle of construction, with no heat? I said the following- I’ve been through worse. Plus, WE did this. We asked for this. This wasn’t a natural disaster where didn’t have a choice- this was OUR choice. All of this was a good thing, this was an addition to our home, it felt like a luxury. We not only have a roof over our heads- we’re adding to it. Sure, at times it might have been a little tough but nothing I personally couldn’t handle. We had each other. I still get to wake up every single every day and I will never complain about that. This was our rebuild.

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