My Life is Pretty Perfect


(words and “ER Selfie” image by sandie rossini)

My life is pretty much perfect. I say that and truly mean it. I can honestly tell you that despite some bumps in the road I am grateful for each and every single day that I have. I genuinely feel blessed. Okay look- every day isn’t perfect, I have great days and occasional not so great days when I’m not feeling well. Recently I had a little setback with my health- not too many people knew but after awhile I had myself what I call a little Sandie Pity Party. That’s an exclusive VIP event- (Very Insane & Pointless) for a party of one; Dress Code: drab and pitiful; Attitude: bad and sad; Cover Charge: valuable time lost. Those parties do NOT last long for me. I don’t have time to be like that, or I should say- to WASTE time like that. I’m not saying I don’t go there- I do. I dip my toes in, I open the door and peek in but I have to be strong enough to slam that door shut and walk away. It would be way too easy for me to fall into that darkness and I can’t allow myself to do that. Being positive has always helped me with getting and staying healthy- there is absolutely no room for negativity.

Whenever I am given new challenges I have to find new ways to face them AND overcome them. My RSVP to the Sandie Pity Party will have to be No, not today- not ever, I have a life to live, a good long pretty perfect life.

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