My Moment for Life

IMG_3795words & image by sandie rossini

When I close my eyes, and listen to the song I picture myself somewhere amazing, it’s almost like a blur of people and lights. The music is loud and everyone is dancing and smiling. The energy is so positive and everyone is so happy and I have never felt so good. I am celebrating that I am cancer free. I am by myself, separate from the crowd, but everyone I love is there. I can feel that they are happy and I am truly happy, it’s not a dream, my feelings are real. I believe that this is how life should feel, every moment of every day, this good, this real. I believe this vision is true and my body believes it. I do this once a day, every day and someday soon this will be my reality. “This is my moment…Drifting away, I’m one with the sunsets, I have become alive. I wish that I could have this moment for life.” (lyrics from Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj & Drake)

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