The Second Chance

RainyWindshieldSummer(written by sandie rossini: 5.4.16)


I was given a second chance, that was the only way I could look at what happened to me, it was the only way I could make sense of it. When I woke up from my brain surgery it took me a little while to make sense of what had happened and to comprehend that I still had a battle to fight and that it wouldn’t be easy. For a while I refused to say the word cancer, I would just say that I had a small piece of tumor leftover that I needed to get rid of and for some reason that made it easier. While I tried to calm myself of the anxiety that began to fill my body, first in my stomach then up to my lungs and throat- but then I remembered a story in the news about a woman who was simply walking across the street who was struck by a car and died instantly but before that car hit her she was able to push her children out of the way. I remember thinking she was a hero, she was only given a few seconds and gave her life to save those children. Then there I was, I had a chance to live and at that moment I wasn’t sure for how long, but the point was none of us really know how long we have so perhaps we should all live like this is our last day. We should all seize the day and live for the moment and in the moment. So at that moment I decided I would live for that special heroic woman who didn’t get that chance and then that anxiety and fear started to fade and I chose to fight for my life. No one knows how long they have to live that’s why each day we are given is a gift and I will not waste a single moment.

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