BWDaisyMiddle(written by sandie rossini: June 21, 2016)

Why do we make life more complicated than it has to be? When I was a young girl I took religion classes and I had a lot of questions but when I asked them I was told that I was wrong to ask those questions and that I was wrong to question God. Even at that young age I felt that telling a young child not to ask questions was wrong. If you have a question, I think you should ask it. The church disagreed, they were teaching the fear of God and I was not to question anything they said. In my mind, I was learning to love God, all on my own, not to fear Him. I knew right from wrong. I knew not to lie, steal, cheat and even at that young age I felt that I was a good person. I loved God, I did not fear Him- THAT was very clear to me. I felt like the teacher was making everything more complicated than it needed to be and I continue to feel like that in my adult life, so many times. I see people getting upset, wasting so much negative energy whether it be about work or personal situations. It just seems to me that time and time again everyone is making things much more complicated than they need to be. I’m guilty of it too, but I try to catch myself and that’s when I find myself asking that question-why? Why do we do this? That religion teacher was just doing was she was told, I assume, but as for everyone else, maybe we should just…stop, keep it simple and enjoy life.


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